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Redirects are used to forward users from one page name to another. They can be useful if a particular article is referred to by multiple names, or has alternative punctuation, capitalisation or spellings[1].

See some examples in the following pages[2]:

Creating a redirect

You may start a new page with the name you want to direct from (see Help:Starting a new page). You can also use an existing page that you are making inactive as a page by going to that page and using the "edit" tab at the top. In either case, you will be inserting the following code at the very first text position of the Edit window for the page:

#REDIRECT [[pagename]]

where pagename is the name of the destination page.

Redirects for abbreviated page titles

You should not use abbreviations in the title of your page but rather create suitable redirects:

For example:

For more information, see Help:Naming your page.

Redirection rules

You should avoid creating chain redirects, i.e. page A → page B → page C.
Instead, you should redirect all pages to the one that has the content, i.e.

  • page A → page C
  • page B → pageC.


  2. Special:ListRedirects