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In order to add a page to a category, place [[Category:Category name]] near the bottom of the page. Always assign an article to the lowest-level possible sub-category!



If a page you work with fits to one of the 5 project dimensions do add the category at the end of the article. The categories for all 5 dimensions are accessible on the main page of the wiki and the category pages contain background information on the dimension written by the Steering Group in 2015. Feel free to edit obviously outdated information or let us know if crucial aspects are missing from a dimension. Feel free to add more than one dimension category to a wiki page in order to show that it can be discussed from different angles.

These are the five dimensions:

Committee topics

All committee topic pages follow the format Session:Committee, e.g. Category:Warsaw:ENVI, and are category pages. All relevant articles for a committee should be categorised accordingly.

Key actors, policies and terms





In the Power Shifts project the Steering Group decided in the follow-up from Lyon to not continue with topics each within the framework of one the 5 dimensions, as the participants didn’t get a bigger perspective on the energy topic but only a specific one related to their dimension. Instead the topics are based on broader trends within the energy sector and the recommendation for session officials is to look at the topics using different perspectives from related dimensions.

The categories are not created yet but you can already add the categories if an article is clearly linked to either one or more of the following trends:

  • Decentralisation
  • Decarbonisation
  • Digitalisation