You can add citations using the 🕮 (Reference) button of the wiki editor.

At the end of your article, add {{Reference}} to get all references included in the text displayed, as well as a list of articles that link to yours.

Advanced use of references

References are added inside <ref>Text of the reference</ref> tags.

The basic concept of the <ref> tag is that it inserts the text enclosed by the ref tags as a footnote in a designated section, which you indicate with {{Reference}}.

If you forget to include {{Reference}} in the article, the footnotes will not disappear, but the references will be displayed at the end of the page.

Multiple uses of the same footnote

To give a footnote a unique identifier, use <ref name="name">. You can then refer to the same footnote again by using a ref tag with the same name. The text inside the second tag doesn't matter, because the text already exists in the first reference. You can either copy the whole footnote, or you can use a terminated empty ref tag that looks like this: <ref name="name"/>. The quotes are not required (but still correct) if the name contains no embedded spaces[1].

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